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Packaging Systems

We are distributors of various packaging devices such as manual and automatic sack sewing machines.

Cosedora de Banda

N980AC Pedestal Band Sewing Machine


• Model: DK-FACC-N980AC

• Speed: 500-600 RPM


• Needle: DRx2 # 26


• Stitch system: Double chain.


• Stitch: 7-11 mm


• Type of cutter: Pneumatic Thread Cutter / Tape.


• Material Thickness: 8mm


• Motor: 3Hp / 110V 1 / 2Hp SS

Cosedor Manual

Manual Stitcher F600A


• Single needle stitch 1 needle and 1 thread

• 250 - 350 Sacks per hour.

• Seam range 65 mm

• Insulating plastic handle for operator safety

• Lubrication system with pump to main direct parts

• Robust construction and safe design.

• Automatic thread cutting

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Cabezal Cosedor

F900A Sewing Machine

• Sewing with 1 needles and 2 threads. 

• Suitable for sewing all types of sacks. 

• Minimum Vibration and low noise level. 

• Stitch Length and adjustable speed. 

• Internal self-lubricating System by pumping and check manometer for proper operation.

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Cabezal Cosedor

Cabezal cosedor N600AC

- Este modelo está equipado con un accesorio de tapping de cierre que permite a los usuarios atar
tapas de bolsas con cinta de papel crepe.
- Este modelo incluye un cortador para servir cinta e hilo en el borde de la bolsa.
- Extraíble para conversión a costura estándar.

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