Screw Conveyors

"They facilitate the loading and transport of the product to containers, trucks, trailers, vans, elevators for silos or hoppers, it is an essential tool for the movement of granulated materials, fertilizers or cement."

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The designs of the screw helical conveyors that we have manufactured since the year 1975, have been constantly subjected to the improvement and redesign to offer the best efficiency of the market and an effective solution in the internal logistics of storage companies, sale-purchase and transport of grains, seeds and other products. 


Helical conveyors can be manufactured for different purposes and therefore all can be manufactured to choose from stainless steel or carbon steel, in addition to operating with electric motors or combustion engines

Más de 35 años de experiencia.

More than a thousand helical type   HEGAMEX screw Conveyors of different types and sizes, according to the needs of our customers have been sold throughout Mexico, as well as in the U.S. and Central America.

Opción para grado alimenticio

Todos los transportadores helicoidales pueden ser fabricados en acero inoxidable, ideales para la industria alimenticia.


Estos transportadores helicoidales tipo bazuca (en inglés bazooka), se caracterizan principalmente por la capacidad de manejo de muchos productos con diferentes características, además, son apreciados en la industria debido a su compacto y ligero diseño, aunado a que tienen costos inferiores de mantenimiento en comparación con otro tipo de transportadores.

Helical conveyor with chassis (rod)

These are the classic helical conveyors that are used in the storage of grains and fertilizers. These helical conveyors are very used for their ease of maneuvering, since they are mounted on a chassis (roving) and rolled. This structure also has the function of adjusting the height of the conveyor.


Horizontal Helical Conveyor for Containers

Ideal to facilitate the loading of material from warehouses to containers that are outside. This type of helical conveyor is often used in many raw materials companies.

Transportador helicoidal horizontal para granos y semillas de alto tonelaje (bazuca) para contenedores. Marca Hegamex
Transportador helicoidal horizontal para granos y semillas de alto tonelaje (bazuca) para contenedores. Marca Hegamex