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Helicals (Bazookas)

They facilitate the loading and transportation of the product to containers, trucks, trailers, vans, silo elevators or hoppers. It is an essential tool for the movement of granular materials, fertilizers or cement.​

The designs of the bazooka-type helical conveyors that we have manufactured since 1975 have been constantly subject to improvement and redesign to offer the best efficiency on the market and an effective solution in the internal logistics of storage companies, purchase and sale and transportation of grains, seeds and other products.


Helical conveyors can be manufactured for different purposes and for this reason they can all be manufactured in stainless steel or carbon steel, in addition to operating with electric motors or combustion engines.

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Helical conveyor

All helical conveyors can be manufactured in stainless steel, ideal for the food industry.​

These bazooka-type helical conveyors are mainly characterized by the capacity to handle many products with different characteristics. In addition, they are appreciated in the industry due to their compact and lightweight design, coupled with the fact that they have lower maintenance costs. comparison with other types of conveyors.​

food grade.​

Bazucas helicoidales para granos de maiz

Helical conveyor

They are the classic helical conveyors.

They are the classic helical conveyors used in the grain and fertilizer storage industry. These helical conveyors are widely used due to their ease of maneuvering, since they are mounted on a chassis (cabrilla) and rolled. This structure also has the function of adjusting the height of the conveyor.​

bazooka type.​

Helical bazookas for corn grains and fertilizers

Helical conveyor

Ideal to facilitate the loading of material from warehouses

Ideal to facilitate the loading of material from warehouses to containers located outside. This type of helical conveyor is often widely used in many raw materials companies.​

horizontal for containers

More than 35 years of experience.​

More than a thousand HEGAMEX bazooka-type helical conveyors of different types and sizes, according to the needs of our customers, have been sold throughout Mexico, as well as in the US and Central America.

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Optimized input.​

Partial inlets with the exact size for greater performance and with a closing door to prevent water entry.

With the option of a bag breaker and unloading hopper.​

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With height adjustment and locking system.​

With height adjustment through a cable system, hydraulic or electric jack and safety lock.

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Engines from the best brands.​

Electric and combustion (gasoline) motors from the best brands available.

Cotización bazukas
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