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They are containers destined to the deposit, canalization and dosage of granular or pulverized materials, among others. Sometimes, it is mounted on a chassis that allows transportation.


The hoppers facilitate the discharge by means of gravity. They store food for animals such as birds, pigs or cattle and a medium volume of grains. The use depends on the needs and capabilities of the client.

Ready-Mixed Hoppers

Hopper with mixing and dosing system. It has a helical conveyor which allows to handle even pasty materials. It Is Ideal for forages, pasta and grains, as well as packaging products containing molasses

Standard Capacity: 5m3


Dosing hoppers

Dosing Hopper for flour, grains, compost, pellets and more. Ideal to provide screening machines with the right amount of product to prevent damage or jams in the screen

Capacity: 4m3 with variable speed.

Tolva con dosificador

Ideal para dosificar harinas, composta, abonos, granos, arenas silicas, poliuretanos, entre otros.
Cuenta con un inversor para ajustar la velocidad del rotor principal.

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