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They are containers intended for the deposit, channeling and dosing of granular or pulverized materials, among others. Sometimes, it is mounted on a chassis that allows transportation.​

The hoppers facilitate unloading through gravity. They store food for animals such as poultry, pigs or cattle and a medium volume of grains. Use depends on the needs and capabilities of the client.​​



Standard capacity: 5m3​

Post-mixing hopper with packaging machine. It has a helical conveyor which allows it to handle even pasty materials. It is ideal for forage, pasta and grains, as well as packaging products that contain molasses.​

mixed post.​

Bagging hopper


Capacity: 4m3 with variable speed.​

Metering hopper for flour, grains, compost, pellets and more. Ideal for providing the screeners with the right amount of product and thus avoiding damage or jams in the screener.​


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