Screening Machines

The screening Machines are used mainly to separate the grains or the product that we are interested in other impurities such as dust, chaff, lumps, straw, among other residues. It Is ideal for cleaning grains and seeds.


 Screening Machines are essential in the bulk product industry, as they are extremely useful for cleaning unwanted grains of impurities.

      Historically, through meshes called sieves, the screening process has been used for hundreds of years in Ancient Egypt. Currently, several types of screening machines are used in the market that combine the power of wind and vibration to achieve cleaner and freer grains of any impurity with the highest performance.

Tipo Vibratoria

Cribadora Tipo Vibratoria

Sistema vibratorio para cribado, con sistema de flujo de aire mediante turbina para eliminar impurezas ligeras como polvo, tamo y otros.

Esta cribadora es especializada para el cribado de maíz y frijol, ideal para espacios reducidos tipo tortillerías o para volúmenes pequeños de cribado.

Por su tamaño compacto, puede ser alimentado de producto manualmente.

*Este equipo puede ser sin turbina de flujo de aire.

Tipo de Cribadora.     Capacidad

V3 T...........................1.5-2 Tn/hr*.

*Tomando como base el maíz.

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Vibration Screening

    System of vibratory screens for screening, in addition to a powerful system of wind flow to remove dust and impurities lighter. 
Get grains more clean and free of any impurities. 

    This screener is used usually for grains as the corn, soy and bean giving an average from 3 to 8 tons per hour.

Type of Screener.    Capacity ZAR-4T.............................. 3-4 Ton/h *. 
ZAR-6T............................... 4-6 Ton/h. * 

* based on corn.

Cribadora para granos tipos Zaranda con Turbina de viento. Marca HEGAMEX

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Cylindrical Screener

    Cylindrical screeners are ideal for screening products that do not require a deep cleaning and instead requires a quick and simple system for screening as it has 3 types of screens to separate in 3 different particle sizes.

    It has a speed gauge that makes efficient the screening of the product depending on the characteristics of the product and the impurities.

Type of Screener.    Capacity

CIL-6.............................6 Ton/h.

Cribadora cilíndrica. Hegamex. Jalisco

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Sequential Cylindrical Screen

    This Screener is designed for screening demands up to 22 tonnes per hour.


    The operation system of 10 screens and variable aeration turbines, make this screen our most efficient and sophisticated proposal. 


    Provides a high degree of cleanliness of the product. Their screens are interchangeable to process different products.

Type of Screener.    Capacity.           Dimensions

SECUENCIAL-22          15-22 Ton/h.      2.0m x 3.6m x 4.4m

Cribadora para granos cilíndrica secuencial. Marca Hegamex

Our most efficient and sophisticated screener machine.

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