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We are a company dedicated to the manufacturing of equipment for the handling, screening, and packaging of grains, seeds, and materials, as well as equipment for cement storage and concrete batching plants.

We are known for our commitment to continuous improvement, always striving to provide our customers with the most durable and efficient equipment in the market.

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, we have manufactured a wide variety of equipment for grains, gravel, sand, fertilizers, cement, minerals, and other materials and products.

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We are a continuously growing company that aims to contribute to the development and improvement of the processes carried out in the various industries our clients operate in. We are committed to supporting them by always providing efficient equipment tailored to each sector, optimizing material resources and human capital, as time is a crucial factor for our clients.

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Our vision is to become more competitive and to achieve leadership in machinery within the sector. We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement to consistently provide our customers with the best equipment.

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  • Respect: Every person and every idea counts, we respect the individual contribution of each employee and customer.

  • We work as a team with dedication and passion.

  • Honesty: Both with the members of the company among themselves, and with clients. The truth is promoted as an elementary tool to generate trust and credibility of the company.

  • Always communicate with respect and open to new suggestions and ideas.

  • We are committed to a sustainable industry in Mexico and the world.

  • Quality.​

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