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About Us

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for the movement, screening and packaging of grains, seeds and materials, as well as equipment for the storage of cement and dosing plants for concrete.

We are known for being a company in current and constant improvement to always offer our customers the most resistant and efficient equipment in the market.

We are backed by more than 25 years of experience in the field manufacturing a wide variety of equipment for grains, gravel, sand, fertilizers, cement, minerals, among other materials and products.


Mission: We are a company in constant growth that seeks to contribute to the development and improvement of the processes that are carried out in the different branches of our clients, in addition to supporting them, always offering equipment that works efficiently in each sector, always optimizing material resources and human capital, since the time factor is important for our customers.


Vision: Our vision is to be more competitive, in addition to being the leading company of machinery in the sector, as well as being in constant innovation and improvement to always offer the best equipment to our customers.



Planta Dosificadora

Visión: Nuestra visión es ser más competitivos, además de lograr ser la empresa líder de maquinaria en el sector, así como estar en constante innovación y mejora para ofrecerle siempre los mejores equipos a nuestros clientes.

° Respect: All people and all ideas count, we respect the individual contribution of each employee and client.


° We work as a team with dedication and passion.


Honesty: Both with the members of the company among themselves, as with the clients. Truth is promoted as an elementary tool to generate trust and the credibility of the company.

° Communication always with respect and open to new suggestions and ideas.


° We are committed to a sustainable industry in Mexico and the world.


° Quality

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